Natural Disasters: Impact and Management

17. Japanese-German Symposium

jointly organized by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and Deutsche Gesellschaft der JSPS-Stipendiaten e.V.

May 11–12, 2012
Münster, University of Münster, Dept. of Chemistry


Friday 11 May

12:00    Registration

13:00    Welcome remarks
Prof. Dr. Heinrich Menkhaus (Deutsche Gesellschaft der JSPS-Stipendiaten e.V.)
Akihiko Satomi (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Tokyo)
Noriyoshi Masuko (Embassy of Japan, Berlin)
Dr. Judith Schildt (Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation)

Session “Comprehensive Topic Introduction”
Convener: Dr. Wolfgang Staguhn, Daimler AG

13:30-14:20 Andreas Küppers, Helmholtz Centre Potsdam - GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences
Tohoku 3/11 – The call for Science from the Earth’s Interior

Session “Natural Disasters and Law”
Convener: Prof. Dr. Heinrich Menkhaus, Meiji University

14:20-15:00 Prof. em. Dr. Michael Kloepfer, Humboldt University Berlin
Basic Legal Problems of Disaster Protection

15:00-15:40 Prof. Narufumi Kadomatsu, Kyushu University
Legal Frameworks for Disaster Management in Japan

15:40-16:15 Coffee Break

“Panel Discussion”
Convener: Dr. Wolfgang Staguhn, Daimler AG

16:15-17:35 Panel Discussion regarding the future of German-Japanese scientific cooperation
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Erker (Münster University), Prof. Dr. Roza-Maria Kamp (University of Applied Sciences Berlin), Prof. Dr. Jun Okuda (RWTH Aachen), Dr. Michiru Sugawa (Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin)

17:45        Leaving for Freilichtmuseum

18:30        Visit of Freilichtmuseum

19:30        Banquet reception (at Freilichtmuseum)

Saturday 12 May

8:30        Registration

Session “Stress Management after Natural Disasters”
Convener: Dr. Katja Kölkebeck, Münster University

09:00-09:40 Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schnyder, University Hospital Zurich, Department for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Posttraumatic stress disorder and resilience in the aftermath of disaster

09:40-10:20 Prof. Dr. Yoshiharu Kim, National Institute of Mental Health, Department of Adult Mental Health
Psychological aftermath of the 311 East Japan Great Earthquake and Tsunami

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  • Vortrag Kim (4,08 MB)
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10:20-10:50 Coffee Break

Session “Urban planning and Natural Disasters”
Convener: Prof. Dr. Katja Schmidtpott
10:50-11:20 Prof. Dr. Uta Hohn, Bochum University
Coping with Natural Disasters in Japanese Urban Planning

11.20-12:10 Prof. Dr. Kenjiro Omura, University of Tsukuba
Coping with Natural Disasters in Japanese Urban Planning

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12:10-12:30    Closing Remarks

Final Announcements   

12:30-14:00    Lunch

14:00-15:30    General assembly of JSPS-Club

14:00-15:30    Tour (Museum für Lackkunst)
16:00-17:30    Tour (Museum für Lackkunst) for participants who attend the general assembly of JSPS-Club