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JSPS Quarterly No. 19, Spring 2007 (34 KB)

Japan-Germany Colloquium on Robotics Held

On 18-21 November, the JSPS Bonn Office held its annual Japan-Germany Colloquium, this time in Ismaning on the outskirts of Munich. Focused on "Robotics," this fourth colloquium in the series was attended by young Japanese and German researchers in their mid-20s to early 40s. They meshed their robotics expertise and enthusiasm into spirited discussions.

The colloquium was organized by JSPS inspector general Dr. Hirochika Inoue (professor emeritus, The University of Tokyo) and Prof. Dr. Gerd Hirzinger, German Aerospace Center (DLR), and coordinated by Prof. Makoto Kaneko, Osaka University, and Prof. Dr. Martin Buss, Technical University of Munich, who prepared the program and selected the participants. Twenty-three young Japanese and German researchers in various aspects of robotics were chosen to give presentations on the latest advances in the field at the colloquium's four sessions on (1) high-tech robotics, (2) human-robot joint action, (3) brain science and robotics, and (4) ubiquitous robotics.

Many of the participants said they had derived inspiration from their exchange of views at the colloquium and would like to embark upon joint research with colleagues who share common interests. In fact, several groups of Japanese and German researchers were seen during the breaks and after sessions discussing such possibilities. The JSPS Bonn Office would be very pleased if the colloquium served as a catalyst for sparking collaborations between researchers from Japan and Germany, two front-running nations in the exciting field of robotics.

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