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JSPS Quarterly No. 12, Summer 2005 (69 KB)

Japan-German Colloquium 2005 Held in Dresden

On 14-16 February, JSPS's Bonn Office held Japan-German Colloquium 2005 on the Dresden campus of Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems. Titled "Semiconductor Physics and Technology," it was cosponsored by TU Dresden (Technical University of Dresden) and MPI for the Physics of Complex Systems.

This series of small-scale colloquiums was launched by the Bonn Office last year. They feature presentations and intensive discussions on research related to selected cutting-edge scientific theme. As such, they are meant to deepen mutual understanding and promote research collaboration among the young frontline Japanese and German researchers who participate in them.

The theme for this second colloquium was decided by JSPS executive director Dr. Kenichi Iga and Prof. Dr. Jörg Weber, dean of Science Faculty, TU Dresden, and the lecturers were chosen by the two program coordinators: Prof. Yasuhiko Arakawa, The University of Tokyo, and Dr. Edward Lavrov, TU Dresden.

In line with the colloquium's theme on basic S&T for realizing the next generation of digitally networked society, researchers from the two countries reported on the results of their leading-edge work on such topics as quantum dots, photonic crystals, nanophotonic devices, quantum information devices and other semiconductor nanotechnologies and new semiconductor materials. These presentations were given by 10 Japanese and 12 German researchers. Comprising the audience was a sizable number of German postdocs and graduate students, whose spirited participation in the Q&A sessions and discussions electrified the atmosphere within the hall. After the colloquium ended on the 16th, the participants divided into two groups and toured Research Center Rossendorf and Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden.

Many of the participants expressed delight over the colloquium's high degree of sophistication and said they look forward to the periodic convening of such meetings on cutting-edge fields of research being advanced in Japan. The third colloquium in the series is scheduled to address the theme "robotics."

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