JSPS Quarterly No. 29, Autumn 2009

JSPS Quarterly No. 29, Autumn 2009 (61 KB)

Japanese-German Symposium Held on “Robotics”

On 22-23 May, the JSPS Bonn Office and the German JSPS Club joined ranks in implementing the 14th Japanese-German Symposium, this year on the theme “Robotics.” Venued in the city of Karlsruhe in the south of Germany, the symposium, held each year on a cutting-edge scientific theme, attracted the participation of some 180 alumni club members and other interested people.

As a prelude to the presentations, JSPS inspector general Dr. Hirochika Inoue, himself a leading robotics researcher, described the history of robotics as it has evolved over several decades in Japan, while offering words of appreciation to all those who cooperated in preparing the event.

Four researchers from both Japan and Germany gave presentations that not only addressed robotic technology but also delved into its industrial, human interface, and societal aspects as well. Held in Europe, where a strong religious resistance prevails with regard to humanoid robot development, the symposium provided a good opportunity to promulgate a better understanding of the scientific purposes and significances of robotic research. The success of the event was also manifest in the strong interest shown and good impressions voiced by the participants.

JSPS Bonn Office