JSPS Japanese-German Colloquium on Quantum Optics

jointly organised by JSPS and MPG

Wildbad Kreuth
February 9–11, 2004


Monday, February 9, 2004 

14:00   H. Walther, K. Iga, Y. Yamamoto:

14:30   R. Long: 
Silica Microspheres for Single-Atom Detectionin Microchip Traps

15:00   M. Hennrich:
Controlled Generation of Single Photons in a High-Finesse Optical Cavity

15:30   W. Lange:
Cavity QED with Trapped Ions

16:00   Coffee break

16:30   M. Koashi:
Entanglement Distillation – Explicit and Implicit Use

17:00   T. Walther:
Entangled Atoms from Dissociating Molecules

17:30   K. Edamatsu:
Generation of Entangled Photons from a Semiconductor 

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

09:00   S. Takeuchi:
Distinguishing Genuine Entangled Two-Photon-Polarization States

09:30   N. Lütkenhaus:
Quantum Communication with Intense Light Pulses and Solitons

10:00   H. Weinfurter:
Multi-Photon Interferometry

10:30   Coffee break

11:00   A. Rauschenbeutel:
Realization of a Quantum Register with Single Neutral Atoms in an Optical Dipole Trap

11:30   Ch. Wunderlich:
New Concepts of Quantum Information Processing with Trapped Ions

12:00   C. Zimmermann:
Collective Atomic Motion in a Resonator Dipole Trap

12:30   Lunch

14:00   M. Kozuma:
Ultra Slow Propagation of Squeezed Vacuum by Using Electro-Magnetically Induced Transparency

14:30   M. Sasaki:
Small Scale Quantum Computing for Quantum Communication: from Theory to Experiment

15:00   M. Wolf:
Entanglement Theory for Gaussian States

15:30   Coffee break

16:00   O. Benson:
Multiplexed Quantum Cryptography with Photons from Single Quantum Dots

16:30   S. Götzinger:
Quantum Dots, Nanocrystals, and Microsphere Resonators. New Tools for Quantum Optics and Nanophotonics

17:00   S. Tarucha:
Spin Qubits with Quantum Dots

17:30   B. Neizert, K. Iga:
MPG-JSPS Cooperation

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

09:00   W. Schleich:
Factoring Numbers Using Gauss Sums

09:30   G. Birkl:
Atomic Quantum Systems in Optical Micro-Structures

10:00   Coffee break

10:30   M. Kitagawa:
Seeking for Entanglement in NMR Quantum Information Processing Experiments

11:00   H. Katori:
Ultrastable Optical Clock with Neutral Atoms in an Engineered Light Shift Trap

11:30   J. v. Zanthier:
Single Ion Frequency Standards

12:00   T. Udem:
Femtosecond Metrology

12:30   Lunch

14:00   Y. Yamamoto:
BEC of Excitons

14:30   M. Ueda:
Quantum Phase Transition of BECs in Low Dimensions

15:00   Coffee break

15:30   K. Bongs:
Multi-Component Quantum Gases – Magnetism and Further Developments

16:00   T. Pfau:
Ultracold Dipolar Gases

16:30-17:00   Final Discussion