JSPS Japanese-German Colloquium on Semiconductor Physics and Technology

jointly organized by:
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, JSPS Bonn Office
TU Dresden, Institute for Semiconductor Physics
Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems

February 14–15, 2005


Monday, February 14, 2005

09:00   Kenichi Iga, Jörg Weber
Opening remarks

09:10   Yasuhiko Arakawa, Edward Lavrov
Introduction to Colloquium

09:20   Kenichi Iga:
JSPS Activities and Overview of Semiconductor Technology in Photonics

10:00   Joachim Wagner: 
Group III antimonides: from materials research to high-performance infrared semiconductor lasers

10:40   Coffee break

11:00   Takao Someya: 
Recent progress and future prospect of organic transistor integrated circuits for large-area sensors

11:40   Martin Pfeiffer:
Controlled p- and n-doping of amorphous and polycrystalline organic semiconductors: basics and application in organic LEDs and solar cells

12:20   Lunch

13:30   Yasuhiko Arakawa: 
Quantum dot and photonic crystal for nanophotonic devices

14:10   Ralf Wehrspohn:
Silicon based photonic crystals: from fundamentals to applications

14:50   Kiyoshi Asakawa: 
Fusion of Quantum Dots and Photonic Crystals – Application to Ultra-Fast All-Optical Switch –

15:30   Coffee break

16:00   Andrej Denisenko:
Diamond power devices: concepts and limits

16:40   Hiroo Munekata:
Optical access to spin degree of freedom in III-V-based magnetic semiconductors

17:20   Michael Östreich:
Semiconductor spintronics: from basic physics towards spin devices

18:00   Martin Brandt:
Hydrogen in ferromagnetic semiconductors

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

09:00   Masahiro Asada:
Interaction of Nanostructures with Terahertz Wave and Its Application to Oscillators and Amplifiers

09:40   Ulrich Schwarz: 
Blue laser diodes

10:20   Kazuhiko Hirakawa: 
Dispersive terahertz gain of non-classical oscillator: Bloch oscillation in semiconductor super lattices

11:00   Coffee break

11:30   Alfred Forchel:
Light matter interaction effects in quantum dots microcavities

12:10   Yoshiro Hirayama:
Coherent Control in Semiconductor Nanostructures

12:50   Lunch

14:00   Fumio Koyama:
Physics and Technology for VCSEL-related Devices

14:40   Manfred Helm:
New concepts for short wavelength quantum cascade lasers and few cycle THz emitters

15:20 Stefan Glunz:
Defect-related issues in solar cells

16:00   Coffee break

16:30   Yasushi Nanishi:
Growth, structure and properties of InN, InGaN and InN/InGaN quantum wells

17:10   Detlev Hofmann:
Doping issues in ZnO

17:50   Hartmut Bracht:
Diffusion spectroscopy with isotopically controlled semiconductors