4th Annual German-Japanese Colloquium

Date: November 18-21, 2006
Venue: Hotel am Schlosspark, Schlossstr. 7, 85737 Ismaning
Tel.: 089/961-020, Fax: 089/961-2681, Contact point: Makoto Kaneko


November 18th




November 19th


Welcoming Address by JSPS Bonn Office:

Prof. Yasuo Tanaka (Director JSPS Bonn Office)



Advances in Robotics and Mechatronics – From Space to Surgery

Talk by Prof. Gerd Hirzinger (Coordinator of German Side)

chaired by Makoto Kaneko

Abstract Hirzinger (80 KB)



High-Tech Robotics, part 1: 3 presentations of 15 min. each + discussion

chaired by Dr. Jun Ueda and Prof. Jürgen Rossmann


Real-Time High Speed Vision as Hyper Human Technology

Dr. Idaku Ishii (Hiroshima University)

Abstract Ishii (84 KB)  



Gel Machine Based on Muscle Proteins of Actin and Myosin

Dr. Akira Kakugo (Hokkaido University)

Abstract Kakugo (80 KB)  



Separable Instruments for Laparoscopic Surgery

Dr. Toshio Takayama (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Abstract Takayama (92 KB)



Coffee Break



High-Tech Robotics, part 2: 3 presentations of 15 min. each + discussion

chaired by Dr. Akira Kakugo and Dr. Dirk Wollherr


KUKA on the way from Industrial to Service Robotics

Dr. Johannes Kurth (Kuka Robotics Inc.)

Abstract Kurth (104 KB)



Fluidic Lightweight Robot Systems

Dr. Stefan Schulz (Institute of Applied Informatics, FZ Karlsruhe)

Abstract Schulz (108 KB)  



Miniaturized Robots for Surgical Procedures

Dr. Kirill Koulechov (TU München)

Abstract Koulechov (132 KB)






High Speed Hyper Human Technology Opens a New World

Talk by Prof. Makoto Kaneko (Coordinator of Japan Side)

chaired by Prof. Martin Buss

Abstract Kaneko (64 KB)



Human-Robot Joint Action, part 1: 3 presentations of 15 min. each + discussion

chaired by Tetsuya Ogata and Dr. Johannes Kurth


Multiscale Neural Simulation towards Human-Oriented Innovation

Dr. Mihoko Otake (The University of Tokyo)

Abstract Otake (84 KB)  



Biologically-inspired Control for Advanced Robotics

Dr. Jun Ueda (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)

Abstract Ueda (112 KB)  



Position-Force Coordination is the Key of Advanced Humanoid Control

Dr. Tomomichi Sugihara (The University of Tokyo)

Abstract Sugihara (100 KB)



Coffee Break



Human-Robot Joint Action part 2: 4 presentations of 15 min. each + discussion

chaired by Dr. Mihoko Otake and Dr. Tamim Asfour


Modern Virtual Reality Applications: From the Japanese ETS-VII Mission to the Advanced Digital Factory

Prof. Juergen Rossmann (RWTH Aachen)

Abstract Rossmann (72 KB)  



Joint Action of Robot and Surgeon in the Operating Room

Dr. Tobias Ortmaier (DLR Institute of Robotics)

Abstract Ortmaier (80 KB)



Soft Robotics – Control Strategies for Robots Interacting with Humans

Dr. Alin Albu-Schaeffer (DLR Institute of Robotics)

Abstract Albu-Schaeffer (84 KB)  



Humanoid Soccer - A challenge for AI and robotics

Dr. Sven Behnke (University Bonn)



Dinner: Gasthof zur Mühle, Kirchplatz 5, Ismaning


November 20th


Programs and Activities of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

Sawa Koyama (Deputy-Director JSPS Bonn Office)



Robotics Research: Past, Present and Future

Talk by Prof. Hirochika Inoue (Organizer of Japan Side)

chaired by Prof. Martin Buss

Abstract Inoue (100 KB)



Brain Science and Robotics, part 1: 3 presentations of 15 min. each + discussion

chaired by Dr. Tomomichi Sugihara and Dr. Stefan Glasauer


Co-development of Human Brain Science and Humanoid Robotics

Dr. Tomohiro Shibata (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)

Abstract Shibata (80 KB)  



Human Robot Interaction from the Dynamical Systems Perspective

Dr. Tetsuya Ogata (Kyoto University)

Abstract Ogata (92 KB)



Interactive Intent Imitation Based on Mirror Neuron Model

Dr. Tetsunari Inamura (National Institute of Informatics)

Abstract Inamura (64 KB)



Coffee Break



Brain Science and Robotics, part 2: 3 presentations of 15 min. each + discussion

chaired by Dr. Tomohiro Shibata and Dr. Kirill Koulechov


Robotics and Neuroscience: increasingly complementary disciplines

Dr. Stefan Glasauer (Center for Sensorimotor Research, Dept. of Neurology, Ludwig-Maximilian University München)

Abstract Glasauer (80 KB)  



Action Awareness – Enabling Autonomous Robots to Optimize, Transform, and Coordinate Plans

Prof. Michael Beetz (Computer Science, TU München)

Abstract Beetz (80 KB)  



Humanoid Robots as Platform for Perception-Action Integration

Dr. Tamim Asfour (Uni Karlsruhe)

Abstract Asfour (72 KB)





Cognition for Technical Systems CoTeSys – Cognitive Robots, Cognitive Vehicles, Cognitive Factories –

Prof. Martin Buss (Coordinator of German Side), chaired by Dr. Makoto Kaneko:

Abstract Buss (80 KB)



Ubiquitous Robotics, part 1: 2 presentations of 15 min. each + discussion

chaired by Dr. Toshio Takayama and Dr. Michael Beetz


Everyday Life Model

Dr. Yoshifumi Nishida (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

Abstract Nishida (64 KB)



Ubiquitous Sensing for Cooking-Support Robots

Dr. Yasushi Nakauchi (University of Tsukuba)

Abstract Nakauchi (132 KB)



Coffee Break


Ubiquitous Robotics, part 2: 2 presentations of 15 min. each + discussion

chaired by Dr. Yasushi Nakauchi and Dr. Stefan Schulz


Formal Software Verification – The key of Certified Safe Robotics?

Dr. Udo Frese (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, DFKI Lab Bremen)

Abstract Frese (60 KB) 



Online Posture Modification for Humanoid Robots

Dr. Dirk Wollherr (Institute of Automatic Control Engineering, TU München)

Abstract Wollherr (80 KB)



Discussion on Robotics in the Ageing Society with all participants




Farewell Dinner 


November 21st


Departure with bus in Ismaning for DLR


DLR Tour


Lunch at DLR, drive to Garching


Visit Inst. Prof. Knoll and Prof. Ulbrich in 2 separate groups, afterwards with the bus to Munich


Laboratory visits TUM Prof. Buss


Dinner: Spatenhaus an der Oper, Residenzstr. 12, München