JSPS Japanese-German Colloquium on Regulation beyond the law? New Approaches to Social Regulation under Conditions of Complexity, Uncertainty and Risk

jointly organized by JSPS and Münster University (Institut für Informations-, Telekommunikations- und Medienrecht)

Münster, Leonardo Campus 9


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

18:00   Pre-Meeting Dinner, Stadthotel

Thursday, February 17, 2011

09:00   Welcome and Introduction

09:20   Dr. Dr. Ino Augsberg (Munich University)
From Danger Prevention to Risk Management - Changing Paradigms of Coping with Uncertainty in the Knowledge Society

09:40   Kazuo Seiyama (Tokyo University)
Can the contemporary welfare system be upheld by the logic of ‘justice’?

10:00   Mark Fenwick (Kyushu University)
Social Regulation after efficiency: Communitarian perspectives

10:20   Questions

11:00   Coffee Break

11:20   Discussion

12:00   Lunch Break at the mensa

13:00   Dr. Volker Grassmuck (Berlin University)
Towards a new Social Contract on Culture

13:20  Toshiyuki Kono (Kyushu University)
Is Law a Useful Tool for More Creations?

13:40   Questions

14:40   Prof. Dr. Harald Fuchs (Münster University)
Nanotechnology: Pacemaker for new markets

15:10   Hideaki Shiroyama (Tokyo University)
Practices and Possible Future Institutionalization of TA in Japan

15:30   Hiroaki Matsuura (Harvard University)
Scientific Uncertainty and the Value of Statistical Life

15:50   Prof. Dr. Sabine Roeser (TU Delft)
Public Risk Perceptions and the Legitimacy of Emotions

16:10   Questions

16:30   Coffee Break

16:50   Discussion

18:00   Official Welcome, Friendssaal
            Wine, Town Hall
            Dinner, Restaurant Pfefferkorn

Friday, February 18, 2011

09:00   Ryu Kojima (Kyushu University)
Digital Publishing: From the Perspective of Copyright and Cultural Policy

09:20   Dr. Henning Große-Ruse-Kahn (MPI for Intellectual Property, Competition and Tax Law and Munich University)
International IP Enforcement - A Casestudy for Diverse Regulatory Tools and Actors

09:40   Prof. Nikolaus Forgó (Hannover University)
Who Owns Information? Some Thoughts about IP, IT and Privacy from a European Perspective

10:00   Questions

11:00   Coffee Break

11:20   Discussion

12:20   Lunch Break at the Mensa

13:40   Hatsuru Morita (Tohoku University)
Regulating Economy and the Incentive of the Rule Makers in Japan

14:00   Dr. Till Jaeger (ifOSS/Berlin)
Transborder Implications of Jurisdictional Rules: The "New York Times” Decision of the German Federal Court of Justice

14:20   Tobias Mahler (University of Oslo)
Legal Risk Management as a Methodical Perspective on Uncertainty and Complexity

14:40   Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoeren (Münster University)

15:00   Questions

15:20   Coffee Break

15:40   Discussion

Saturday, February 19, 2011

08:45   Arrival at Burg Hülshoff and Tour

11:00   Arrival at Burg Vischering and Tour

13:30   Arrival at Schloss Nordkirchen and Tour (Start: 13.30)

15:00   Arrival at Brillux, Welcome
            Presentations on Nanotechnologie
            Tour of the Brillux R&D department
            Dinner at Brillux