JSPS Japanese-German Colloquium "Cellular Biochemistry"

jointly organized by JSPS and Institute of Organic Chemistry, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Karlsruhe, Forstliches Bildungszentrum, January 29st – February 1st, 2013


January 29th (Tue)

9:30 Arrival ITG/Campus North

Welcome note Uwe Strähle & Stefan Bräse (Directors ITG)

10:00 – 12:00 Short talks of group leaders ITG

12:00 – 13:30 Lunch

13:30 – 14:30 Site visit ANKA (Synchrotron)

14:30 – 17:00 Site visit ITG

18:00 Conference-eve reception including dinner

Welcome note Prof. Asashima (JSPS)

January 30th (Wed)

Welcome Addresses: Vice-President Prof. Löhe, Prof. Asashima, JSPS

Session 1. Chemical Approaches
09:15 Stefan Bräse (KIT)
Small molecular entities for chemical biology

10:00 Ute Schepers (KIT)
Combinatorial chemistry of drug delivery systems for organ targeting

10:45 Coffee Break

Session 2. Biochemical Approaches

11:00 Uwe Strähle (KIT/University of Heidelberg)
Neurogenesis in the adult zebrafish

11:45 Stefan Lichtenthaler (DZNE/Technical University Munich)
Secretomics and proteomics: tools to study signal transduction and brain diseases in cells and animals

12:30 Lunch Break

Session 3. Patterning, Organogenesis, and Regeneration I

13:45 Makoto Asashima (AIST, Tsukuba/JSPS)
Control of organogenesis in vitro in vertebrate development

14:30 Dr.Yasuko Onuma (AIST, Tsukuba)
A new tool for detection of human ES/iPS cells

15:00 Atsushi Miyajima (University of Tokyo, Tokyo)
Cellular basis of liver regeneration

15:45 Coffee Break

Session 4. Patterning, Organogenesis, and Regeneration II

16:15 Joachim Wittbrodt (University of Heidelberg)
Retinal stem cells in growth and regeneration

17:00 Akira Tazaki (CRTD, Dresden)
Deconstructing the complexity of vertebrate limb and spinal cord regeneration

18:00 Conference Dinner

January 31st (Thu)

Session 5. Patterning, Organogenesis, and Regeneration III
9:00 Thomas Holstein (University of Heidelberg)
The Hydra stem cell system

9:45 Xiaoyue Wang (DKFZ, Heidelberg)
A complex network of Wnt signaling with an unusual wiring regulates the induction of vulva formation in the Nematode P. pacificus

10:15 Coffee Break

Session 6. Approaches from System Biology and Epigenetics

10:45 Naoki Irie (CDB, Riken, Kobe)
Toward integration of ontogeny and phylogeny of vertebrates

11:30 Prof. Hiroyuki Takeda (University of Tokyo, Tokyo)
Decoding the epigenetic code of key developmental genes in the medaka genome

12:15 Lunch Break

Session 7. Cellular Behavior, Signaling, and Differentiation I

13:45 Doris Wedlich (KIT)
News and views of cadherins from biotechnical viewpoints

14:30 Atsuko Sehara-Fujisawa (Kyoto University, Kyoto)
Roles of ADAM proteases in development and regeneration

15:15 Coffee Break

Session 8. Cellular Behavior, Signaling, and Differentiation II
15:45 Peter Seeberger (MPI Potsdam)
Carbohydrate-based Nanotechnology

16:30 Koji Tamura (Tohoku University, Sendai)
A developmental perspective of dinosaur morphogenesis

17:15 End with Concluding Remarks (Dr. Kodaira, VP of KIT)

18:00 optional Dinner