jointly organized by JSPS and Kiel University

Kiel, December 9th - 10th, 2015



December 9th

09:00 Opening Session – Welcoming Addresses
Director of Zoological Museum, PD Dr. Dirk Brandis
President of the University, Prof. Lutz Kipp
Vice Minister for Research of Schleswig-Holstein, Mr. Rolf Fischer

09:30 Scientific Session
Duschl (Kiel U & U of Arizona) – Opening Remarks
Miyama (NINS, Hiroshima U & Kobe U) – Research of Astrobiology in Japan and its future
10:30 Coffee Break

10:45 Scientific Session
Klee (Kiel U) – First Results of Numerical Models of the Dynamics of Exoplanetary Atmospheres
Tamura (U Tokyo & ABC in NINS) – Subaru Observations of Exoplanets and Toward TMT:A Role of the New Astrobiology Center at NINS
12:00 Lunch Break

13:00 Scientific Session
Schönheit (Kiel U) – Life under Extreme Conditions
Naganuma (Hiroshima U) – Possible life in the universe viewed from energy, size and membrane
Masaoka (Institute of Molecular Science) – Possible photosynthetic reactions on habitable exoplanets
15:00 Coffee Break

15:30 Scientific Session
Noack (Brussels) – Plate tectonics on Earth and Earth-like planets: Influence on habitability
Kakegawa (Tohoku U) – The earliest life on the Earth: geological records in ancient rocks
Sommer (GEOMAR) – Extraterrestrial ocean research – robotic exploration and life detection
17:30 End of Session
19:00 Conference Dinner

December 10th

08:30 Presentation of JSPS Program
09:00 Scientific Session
Ida (Tokyo Institute of Technology) – Planet formation and origin of water on the Earth
Wolf (Kiel U) – Planets: Tracing their formation and the presence of ET life
10:20 Coffee Break

10:40 Scientific Session Zoological Museum
Sasaki (Osaka U) – History of planetary exploration – Searching for extraterrestrial habitable worlds
Wimmer-Schweingruber (Kiel U) – Radiation, Life, and Exploration
12:40 Lunch Break

13:30 Scientific Session
Hori (ABC/NINS) – Can ExoEarths be Habitable?: Origin and Evolution of Planetary Atmospheres
Grenfell (DLR) – Factors affecting atmospheric biosignatures in Earth-like exoplanetary atmospheres
Krüger (MPI Göttingen) – The Astrobiological Relevance of Comets
15:30 Coffee Break

15:45 Scientific Session
Yamagishi (Tokyo U of Pharmacy and Life Sciences) – Evolution of Life revealed from genetic information
Geppert (Stockholm) – Formation of complex organic molecules by ion reactions in the Titan’s atmosphere
Kobayashi (Yokohama National U) – Cosmic ray-induced formation of bioorganic compounds in planetary atmospheres and in interstellar dust
17:45 End of Session