zum Symposium „Natural Disasters: Impact and Management“

zur Symposiums-Seite Natural Disasters: Impact and Management

JSPS Quarterly No. 41, Autumn 2012 (173 KB)

Japanese-German Symposium Held on Natural Disasters

The JSPS Bonn Office teamed up with the German JSPS Club (German alumni association) again this year to hold the 17th annual Japanese-German Symposium on 11-12 May at the University of Münster. Themed “Natural Disasters: Impact and Management,” the symposium featured an introductive lecture by German geologist Andreas Küppers on Japan’s natural disasters and energy resources as components of its geodynamic environment. This comprehensive topic introduction was followed by three scientific sessions on “Natural Disasters and Law,” “Stress Management after Natural Disasters,” and “Urban Planning and Natural Disasters.” In each of them, one Japanese and one German specialist delivered lectures. Time was also allotted for a panel discussion regarding the future of German-Japanese scientific cooperation, in which four panelists discussed the instrumental role that can be played by the German JSPS Club in expanding collaboration between the two countries.

The lecturers’ CVs, abstracts and PowerPoint slides are posted on the Bonn Office’s website.

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